FTPS access and use for Mobility

After moving our Crab servers to WaTech Private Cloud environment, we ran into the need to increase our security to allow continued access to file sharing via the FTP site. We added TLS encryption for username and password as well as the data stream. Access to the FTP site will no longer work on web browsers. You will have to connect via a file sharing app. I prefer and tested with FileZilla. Its free and here is how to install and use it.

1. Download the Client at


2. Select the first option for basic.

3. Run the installer.
If you can't install due to admin rights, contact your IT department.

4. Keep defaults unless you want a desktop icon.

5. WARNING! this is freeware, so it will trick you into installing McAfee webadvisor. Select DECLINE.

6. WARNING! this is freeware, so it will trick you into installing WinZip Driver updater. Select DECLINE.

7. Lets open it now.

8. Close the tutorial window. In the Host text box ftps://ftp.crab.wa.gov/Mobility/your county name, username is the TS## of your county, password is your same password, and in port put 990. Then press Quickconnect.

9. A certificate warning will pop up since i'm using multi use cert that isn't specifically for ftp.crab.wa.gov. Click on the down arrow and select 2 Root Certificate. Select the box for Always trust this Certificate in future sessions. Select OK, and if you dont see the OK button, press enter.

10. As you can see from the status connection messages, we are in.

11. If you don't see this, then check the following:
Ports 989,990 TCP/UDP open on your firewall.
Ports 50000-50010 TCP open on your firewall.
Under the Edit settings on Filezilla client, select Network Configuration Wizard. Select next three times untill you see radio button: use the following IP address. Use the ip address that your Firewall NAT's out traffic as. Next, then test. If it progresses, but lags on 150 Opening data connection, then you are probably good.
If you continue to have issues, have your IT Department contact me, Scott.Campbell@crab.wa.gov, for further assistance.

12. Now you have two sides to the screen. Your local computer on the left. The FTP server on the right. Files can be simply dragged and dropped from one window to the other. It is a copy action. To remove files, you must right click and delete them.

13. For quick connections in the future, click the QuickConnect down arrow to select the server connection.

Thanks for reading!
Creation date: 6/24/2020 1:22 PM     Updated: 6/29/2020 12:28 PM